Book Reviews

Half the Sky

by New York Times husband and wife, Nicholas D. Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn

This is one of the best books I have ever read. It’s a brutally realistic but beautifully told story of the struggles that women face around the world. Kristof and WuDunn advocate the empowerment and education of women as the solution to most social issues of the 21st century. It will shock you, but compel you to act, and it is never preachy.

The Road of Lost Innocence

by Somaly Mam

Somaly writes about her own brutal experience as a prostitute in Cambodia. The book tells the story of her escape and how she founded AFESIP, an organization in South East Asia that helps girls who have been sex trafficked. It’s a short and easy read, and extremely informative about the realities that girls face all over the world. She reveals the dangerous amount of power the sex trafficking industry possess around the globe.

We wish to inform you that tomorrow we will be killed with our families: Stories from Rwanda

by Philip Gourevitch

Video interview

A journalistic masterpiece that explains the Rwandan genocide of 1994 during which at least 800,000 people were killed in just 100 days. Gourevitch portrays ethnic tension, corruption, and conflict resolution clearly and deliberately. He explains how a people can bring themselves to brutalize their own. One of the most heart-wrenching books I have ever read.

Creating a World Without Poverty

by Muhammad Yunus

Yunus founded the Grameen Bank and is considered the brains behind the first successful microfinance initiative. He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts in Bangladesh to eradicate poverty for local women. This book focuses on the idea of social business, a happy medium between profit-driven companies and non-profit organizations. He claims that if profit incentives become integrated into the work of non-profit organizations, more will be achieved.


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