Vietnam: Photos of Hanoi and Halong Bay


I met so many interesting people in Hanoi and Halong Bay that I didn’t have time to write a post. So, here’s a short video and some photos instead. I’m traveling in Laos now and then I go to Cambodia. My posts will become less about travel and more about women’s issues when I start my first job in Cambodia on August 6th. For now I’m just absorbing the culture and people in these countries.

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Vietnam: Ho Chi Minh City



Ho Chi Minh City is pandemonium. Imagine a high-traffic Manhattan block, add 50 motos, eliminate signs, lights, crosswalks, any right-of-way or laws and you have a typical HCM street. The Vietnamese jump into oncoming traffic, speed down sidewalks and run red lights without hesitation. Crossing the street parallels an intense game of Frogger or a suicide attempt.

Relentless honking, blaring techno music, and shouting add to the disorder. The constant motion and cramped space exacerbates
the stench: a mixture of lavender, smoke, coffee and putrid fish.  The humidity makes everything worse. I walk outside and I’m immediately drenched in sweat. Within 2 minutes my hair frizzes into a Shakira, Amazon woman mane.

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