Send a postcard to India and make a young girl smile.

The photo above is of Pokhara, Nepal. Lucky me, I’m living here for a month. Looks cold, right? It’s not. It’s actually boiling hot during the days, but absolutely beautiful! Posts on Nepal will be up soon!

I constantly struggle with the inevitable fact that social change is difficult to measure. At the end of the day how do you tally the results? Unfortunately, this deters many people from even attempting to create change. It’s so easy to think one individual can influence very little by himself. At times, I even look at my own efforts and wonder how much of a difference I’ve truly made.

Last week I received an email from my friend and the founder of Humaneity Foundation, Mark Philpott. He was in India at the time and he became friends with a young girl named Nandini who goes to Riverside School in Ahmedabad. She asked him to help her with something. She told him: “I collect postcards because I want to see pictures of places from all around the world. So when we have visitors like you come to our school, I ask everyone to send me a postcard from their home place or when they travel to a new place. Do you think you can ask all of your friends to send me a postcard from their home city as well as when they travel somewhere else?”

Now I’m passing along this request to you…As her collection of postcards grows she will be exposed to new places and cultures. And while this may not seem like any direct social change, this simple act of kindness will also show her that the world is filled with friendly and compassionate people. Every time Nandini receives a postcard she will smile. And I cannot think of a better way to measure an act of kindness than in smiles. All you have to do is find a postcard and send it to: Continue reading


The Girl Effect: It’s really that simple.


Hellooo readers! Welcome to Skirting the Limits, a blog designed especially for you to share my travel experience. I’m about to start a yearlong solo journey through Asia, Indonesia and Africa. The goal: to fuel my wanderlusting ways and learn firsthand about international women’s issues.

I’m traveling to Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia, Nepal, and Rwanda. My focus on female empowerment will vary by location. I’ll mentor at girls’ schools, educate males about gender violence, live with village women, work at a yoga institute, visit shelters and interview anti-sex trafficking organizations. My posts will revolve around women’s issues but also travel and cultural experiences.

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When I told family and friends about my trip it surprised me that most people’s reaction was WHY? Why do you want to do this? Why do you want to help women? Why do you have to go to these countries? Why are you going alone? Why aren’t your parents stopping you?

For me the why is hard to explain, and Because I want to doesn’t seem to suffice. The best answer I’ve found is my heart is completely invested in this.

If I help one girl feel better about herself or learn something new I will consider my effort a success. The ability to pull one girl out of poverty, educate her, and help her see herself as an equal gives me a smile, butterflies and chills. The inspirational video below explains the importance of female empowerment. Please watch and enjoy reading my blog :)!