Cambodia: Khmer 101


This video gives you an introduction to the Khmer language – thanks to my good friend Prosper! I don’t think I’ve focused enough on the positive aspects of Cambodian culture, and I really want you to know how beautiful and friendly the Cambodian people are. (If my voice seems a little raspy, it’s because I’m just getting over a cold. Prosper is making me drink this medicinal ginger, lime, and honey concoction every day. So no worries, I’m in good hands!) Enjoy the lesson! By the end you should have basic Khmer words down, and even a few curse words…

Gail, thanks for your videotaping expertise!


3 comments on “Cambodia: Khmer 101

  1. Liv says:

    omg, just watched this video now bc i just had time. i love him, he’s so adorable. i’m going to cambodia just to hang out with him. Operation “bring Prosper to America” has commenced.

  2. gail says:

    hiya lauren, theres a aussie boy in your green room staying for month; he’s shooting a doco about HIV here in Phnom Penh…… thought I’d keep you up to date! hope all goes well with you! x, gail

    • batesla says:

      Hi Gail! Ooo I’m glad someone interesting is filling my room! I just spent a week teaching english in Sembalun, lombok. It was the most challenging experience I’ve had. The way women are treated is so different from what were used to. The post is coming soon! Right now I’m waiting for a friend from the states to join me on gili Trawangan! She booked a spontaneous ticket last week! Well be here for a few days and then back to ubud! Were staying at kunang kunang :). What’s the name of that cafe you were saying I should go to? I hope you’re enjoying PP and Friends still! Peter comes soon! Xoxo Lauren

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