The Sex Industry of Cambodia


Here are 4 videos that will connect you to the issues of sex slavery, prostitution, and virginity trade in Cambodia. Right now I’m working in Phnom Penh, Cambodia with a partner organization of CARE International called PHD. I’m writing grant proposals for their HIV/AIDS awareness and gender equality projects.

I have learned so much about the sex industry here from interviews with CARE and PHD and the many surveys and reports I’ve found in their offices. I’ll be writing a post in the upcoming weeks that explains the sex industry, the idea of Cambodian masculinity, and the repercussions of the situation for Cambodia. For now, watch the videos so that you have a visual image of what happens here. Just a warning, you may find them disturbing, especially the last one which is about child prostitution. Also if you have any questions use the comment box and I will make sure to find the answers for you.


5 comments on “The Sex Industry of Cambodia

  1. Aunt Liz says:

    Hi Lauren,
    Well now comes the difficult and very emotional part of your journey. This is incredibly distrubing and sad.
    I know you will use your talented writing skills to make some Grant money for the Organizations you are working for. Best of Luck.
    Be Well & Safe, Liz

  2. Michael Bates says:

    I don’t know quite what to say about this. How can a culture survive that allows this to happen to its children? Why would we want it to?

    Please be careful!

    • batesla says:

      Dad, I don’t know if I agree with the word “culture” here. Sure, the dynamics of Cambodian culture lead to this, but it’s an issue that exists all over the world. One would be naive to think this doesn’t happen in the US, we just have greater regulation and less corruption than Cambodia. Extreme poverty is another reason child prostitution is so rampant in Asia. Here’s a post that may hit a little too close to home: Cambodians are very friendly and their culture is beautiful, this is just one of the many social issues they are going to have to combat over the upcoming decades. And no worrying! I’m happy and I feel very safe every day! xoxo

  3. […] heroine. (For more information on the sex industry in Cambodia visit my previous posts: The Issues, The Sex Industry of Cambodia, and Cambodia: Masculine Mentality, Sex Culture, and Gender Based Violence). A photo taken by Katy […]

  4. Hi Lauren –

    I just got back from a month in Cambodia working with street kids in Sihanoukville to create mosaics. (some pics up on my website). I also learned a fair amount about the trafficking issue from an organization in Phnom Penh that I may work with in the future. I found your blog – you have had an amazing trip. Please keep me posted on any future work or travels. I am also planning to do some work on the trafficking issue so I will let you know where and when that might happen.

    Thanks for all your work.

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