Vietnam: Photos of Hanoi and Halong Bay


I met so many interesting people in Hanoi and Halong Bay that I didn’t have time to write a post. So, here’s a short video and some photos instead. I’m traveling in Laos now and then I go to Cambodia. My posts will become less about travel and more about women’s issues when I start my first job in Cambodia on August 6th. For now I’m just absorbing the culture and people in these countries.

I found this funky coffeehouse on a street in Hanoi while exploring the city. It’s called the Cong Caphe. If you know me really well, you know that half of my life revolves around a serious caffeine addiction and a quest for unique coffee shops.
My iced Vietnamese coffee and avocado smoothie at Cong Caphe. Yes, it’s an avocado smoothie. No, it does not taste like drinking cold guacamole through a straw (gross.). It was actually really tasty!

If I ever adopt a child it’s going to be from Vietnam! How adorable is she? 

This guy just set up his hammock in the middle of sidewalk for an afternoon nap. Not going to lie, I was a little jealous.



4 comments on “Vietnam: Photos of Hanoi and Halong Bay

  1. Pat Scofield says:

    Lauren, Love all the blogs. Spike and I visited Vietnam a couple of years ago. You are right about the beauty. Loved the beautiful children.
    Take care and keep the info coming.
    Pat and Spike

  2. Amanda Borzilleri says:

    I still want your Shakira hair!!! And your Asian clothes…bring me back some cool skirts 😉 xox

  3. Evan Bates says:

    bueno este es todo que he querido ver. me gusta los fotos. Prometo que el proxima semana, comprare un blackberry antes regresare a georgia. Este fin de semana, voy a vermont hasta domingo. Cuando regresare, deberemos hablar en skype en el noche aqui

    • batesla says:

      Evan!!! There are this many photos from every city, the link is at the bottom of the ho chi minh post. Also you can go to the photos tab and the link is there. I won’t be able to talk Sunday night because that’s Monday morning here and ill be on my way to Cambodia. But well figure out a time. Have fun in VT and give Mclain a hug and kiss from me! Xoxo miss you.

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